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His last words were "Aloha." →

Hawaii Democratic Sen. Daniel Inouye has died at age 88, his office confirmed Monday night.

His last words, according to a statement released by his staff, were “Aloha”.

Inouye has been hospitalized since early December due to respiratory problems.  His cause of death was “respiratory complications”.


The Washington Post has a great slideshow sampling the various ways newspapers played Pearl Harbor on that fateful day in 1941. Here are two; there are a bunch of others, too. (images via the Newseum collection)

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Low-income residents of government housing complex denied basic service of hot water in Hawaii

In this Jan. 31 photo, three-year-old Mayreen Miecho dresses herself after a cold shower in her apartment at Mayor Wright Housing in Honolulu. Skin-chilling water streams from showers and sink spigots at Mayor Wright Housing, and it won’t warm up no matter how long residents wait. The lack of hot water is a persistent problem at the government-run public housing complex, where its low-income residents are denied a basic service that would be required from a private landlord.

this video by iamkalaniprince capturing a seemingly relentless set of 25+ foot peaks rolling in at Jaws on the North Shore of Maui. These monsters come barreling across the deep water trenches of the Pacific then heave up onto the Hawaiian reef creating some of the biggest and fastest waves in the world.