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Anthony De Rosa on API Virtue

In this video, we take advantage of Anthony De Rosa’s experience at Reuters to examine how larger news organizations struggle and hope to adapt to major shifts in the media industry.

Near the center of it at Reuters is De Rosa as Social Media Editor (and host at ReutersTV), where he helped figure out how API’s can be best used to distribute Reuters content. Here, he explains what APIs are and why they will play a more integral part of the News industry.

By consolidating content from both multiple sources and among differing mediums, APIs let organizations do more than just publish written pieces and slideshows. They allow them to make a more full use of the Internet.

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The Present – “annual clock” tells time in seasons, using subtle gradients of pure color, to counter the modern malady of constantly feeling like time is moving too fast

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Gimme Bar, a new visual booksaving service, takes bookmarking to a new level by allowing you to save, not merely bookmark, cool content you find online — from videos to images to recipes — to your Dropbox account.