Ultra-Orthodox protesters attacked and damaged three buses in the city of Beit Shemesh near Jerusalem on Wednesday, after a female traveling on one of the buses refused a Haredi passenger’s order to move to the back and sit separately from the men.

Following her refusal, demonstrators blocked the path of the bus and smashed its windshield, then targeted two other buses nearby. Police were summoned to the site.
I’m not an NFL player, but as a non-terrorist who happens to be a Jew, let me say that this is hogwash. It’s yellow journalism without any of the flair. Instead of Waksman asking why Aboushi deserves to be employed by the Jets, I think we should ask Yahoo! why they would publish a piece that accuses an NFL player of anti-Semitism without one solitary quote or piece of actual evidence. This is worse than your typical “keep your politics out of my sports” hit piece. It’s slander.

Speaking of Israel… Rand Paul has a BIG problem, no?

Somehow Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., is regarded by friend and foe alike as a legitimate potential GOP presidential candidate in 2016. I’ve heard CNN, FOX News — in an interview with Sean Hannity — and MSNBC refer to Paul as a serious candidate. Everyone is ignoring the GOP elephant in the room. 

Now, I am aware that Paul can both stand and talk for a really LONG time. So, that’s fantastic, I guess. But when did the media and republican pundits decide that someone can run for president, under the banner of either of the two major parties, and actually win the nomination when they’ve stated flat-out that they are for ending all foreign aid to Israel? 

No doubt, if he decides to run, he will flip on this issue. But can he get away with that, especially in a republican party that supposedly has unconditional love for Israel? 



This is how some Israelis choose to celebrate the “reunion of Jerusalem”, by spitting at Arabs, by standing in front of Mosque and shout loud and clear “Death to Arabs”, “Muhammad is dead”, ” Butcher the Arabs”, “I hate all Arabs” and “Listen well you Arabs ! we don’t want any making-up ! the refrain will always continue, May your village burn down, May your village burn down !”

Stay classy, Israel.

It was taken as a red flag by Netanyahu and what happened then was that even if this was implicit in things that previous Presidents had said, Netanyahu seized on it even before he got on the plane – he criticized the President. And in such a fashion, he lectured him in the Oval Office… . It was a stone-faced Barack Obama and Netanyahu basically treating him like a school-boy.
Andrea Mitchell: Israel PM Lectured Obama And Treated Him Like ‘A Schoolboy’ - Mediaite