I think at that tipping point, at the point of critical mass, we need to learn how to take a breath and just reflect; perhaps try to learn from whatever mistakes we, or society at large has made to get us to where we are.
Tumblr user Mike Hedrick • Discussing the Newtown shooting and his notable contribution to the situation. His article on the piece, “I am Schizophrenic. Understanding Mental Illness in the Wake of the Newtown, CT Tragedy,” drew significant attention, which he described as something exciting, but with a major downside. “In the worst way I found myself trying to capitalize on a story about tragedy,” he says, with a touch of regret and remorse. When stories like this break, they get covered in so many ways that side-stories of side-stories become stories. At which point do the side issues — mental illness among them — become the larger ones worth focusing on in earnest? (via shortformblog)