New Rule



You pin, we unfollow.

I enjoy the irony in this. And no, Newsweek doesn’t follow Obit of the Day. So I’m OK.

I have no problem with pinning:

* It’s a great way to get important posts noticed. And if what you thought was important isn’t then you won’t get likes.

* Just click the pin and they disappear. Easy.

* It’s only five bucks which is reasonable marketing money for smaller tumblrs who can’t afford the Radar.

* Pins work for my tumblr…I’ve pinned Sally Ride, Jerry Nelson, Antietam, Jackie Robinson, and it’s gotten lots of notes. Which is the point.

* So you can be grumpy about them but are they really an issue that hurts the use of a free blogging platform?

I asked about this topic last week. Read your responses here.