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On Friday, R trains resumed service through the Montague Tube, which connects Brooklyn Heights with Lower Manhattan after more than a month of around-the-clock work in one of the most storm-ravaged sections of the MTA transit system. 

Photo Credit: MTA New York City Transit / Marc Hermann


Mr. Weiner, Mr. Hamm & Ms. Jones Rang the Opening Bell…Financial District, NY (via Buzz Feed)


IBM Think Exhibit’s Digital Wall at Lincoln Center, New York CIty (by NYC♥NYC)

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Lawyers support Occupy Wall Street protestors & provide counsel on their behalf


Downtown New York City from Liberty State Park in New Jersey.



Once a mainstay of the Tin Pan Alley music scene, Colony is now the last man standing, and it shows. The creaky drawers and scarred slide-top cases of CDs; rows of faded, autographed celebrity head-shots; and bins of retro concert posters are all hallmarks of a business that still has one foot squarely in the past. Just like back then, the mainstay of the store is sheet music; scores and fake books take up the majority of the space, covering everything from Broadway shows to be-bop. There are also racks of showtune/soundtrack CDs, contemporary rock and reggae albums, and boxed-sets of classic vocalists like Bing Crosby and Sinatra. If you can’t find what you’re looking for among the substantial inventory, take heart—the motto of the “musicologist” staff is, “You hum the tune, we tell you the title.” (text via NYMag)

I could probably live in this place. My kind of joint. 



The construction of One World Trade Center is hardly mentioned in the media, yet here it is: The first post-September 11 tower stands 76 stories high at the moment and will be at 104 floors high by the time it is finished. [August 2, 2011/AP Photo]

I watch it rise every day… and was just wondering today how high it was currently.