Blog Spotlight: Peter Wade of BrooklynMutt and SNY

We had a chance to talk with Peter Wade, the blogger behind BrooklynMutt and Sports Net NY.

Below, Peter talks with us about his blogs and what he likes about Tumblr. Peter uses our Mallow theme.

1) Can you tell us about BrooklynMutt?

First and foremost, BrooklynMutt is a blog about news, politics and media. But I also add a personal touch by sharing things that I find interesting or funny. Sometimes I treat it the way some people would treat their Facebook page.

2) What do you like about Tumblr?

I was attracted to Tumblr because of its simplicity. You can be a novice and use Tumblr. I was a newbie to blogging (in 2008), so Tumblr made it easy for me just to share content and not worry about the technical aspects like code and building a site. Tumblr had what Twitter offered — short-form content and a community — but without character limitations. It was the best of both worlds.

3) How have your blogs gone?

I started BrooklynMutt because I was changing careers. I began to dabble in sports blogging and realized I wanted a platform for my other interests like politics and news. I decided to try my hand at writing and curating. Luckily I did because due to the success of BrooklynMutt, I was able to pitch and create a Tumblr for SNY, the New York Mets’ sports TV network, which I still run today. Also, I met my girlfriend of almost four years through Tumblr, and I landed a job as a writer for The Daily. Now, I freelance, and BrooklynMutt is a big selling point on my resume. For me, Tumblr has led to nothing but positive experiences.

4) Why did you pick Mallow for your theme? 

I use Mallow for both SNY and BrooklynMutt (v2). Before, I felt like I was constantly searching for a better theme. I really like Mallow because it seems to capture all the things I love about themes I have used in the past (and I’ve used at least 10 since 2008). It has a clean look, and displays photos beautifully. I’m no longer thinking, “This post looks better in the dashboard than on my theme.” It’s efficient, streamlined, and it doesn’t put me to work. I can post something and I’m done. I don’t have to worry about how it looks. It also provides all the options I want — from analytics to social media buttons.


Check out BrooklynMutt and Sports SNY here.

Our demo blog for Mallow is available here.