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“The real ‘voter fraud’ is perpetrated by people who make bogus arguments about voter fraud.”

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA, during an address to the National Action Network, on the Republican-led war on alleged voter fraud

David Letterman Announces His Retirement from the Late Show

via Late Show with David Letterman


Spanish journalist Javier Espinosa and photojournalist Ricardo Garcia Vilanova returned home today after six months held captive by an Al Qaeda-linked group in Syria. Above, Espinosa greets his son Yerai on the Torrejon military airport in Madrid.

Photo: AFP/Getty


JUST IN: Following report on George Washington Bridge scandal, Port Authority Chairman David Samson has resigned, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie says


Chicago River goes green for St. Patrick’s Day

(Photo: Reuters)

As per annual tradition, the Chicago River was dyed green Saturday — the spectacle’s 52nd year. 

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On assignment for @nytimes on explosion on 116th street. - @AshGilbertson