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A Jan. 1936 news item.

(No mention of how newspapers make huge amounts of money through these screens.)

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A great interview with Jack Shafer on Reliable Sources about media criticism and having strong journalistic standards.

FJP: His comments about state government sunshine acts are dead on (around 8:00).

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New York Post has been on a roll, and it continues this morning!

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Wasn’t there a time when there was an actual difference between the NY Daily News and the NY Post?

Long before the Web, The Boston Globe had a “homepage” of sorts – its old storefront downtown. Taking advantage of its location in a heavily trafficked block of Newspaper Row, the young daily brought the news to Bostonians in a whole new way: handwritten signs.

More - Archival photos of the Globe’s strangely webpage-like Newspaper Row storefront, 1912-1963 - Beta Boston

With this headline/pic the NY Daily News tells Murdoch owned NY Post, “Don’t worry, we got it.”

For First Time, More Americans Get News Online Than From Newspapers - NPR →

"Fully 46 percent of people now say they get news online at least three times a week, surpassing newspapers (40 percent) for the first time," the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism reports today in its eighth annual State of the News Media report.