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“Having a sleepover in the park for four months didn’t cause Wall Street to crumble.” - Bill Maher


Occupy Unveils ‘Spring Awakening’

During the long winter months, Occupy protesters kept reassuring those of us in the media still covering their actions that the spring would prove to be a time of resurgence for Occupy Wall Street. If the “Spring Awakening” meet-up at Central Park this past weekend is any indication of future turnouts, OWS organizers may be correct in their predictions.

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'Pepper Spray Cop' Suit Filed - NPR →

Some of those Occupy protesters who famously got face fulls of pepper spray last November on the campus of University of California Davis have now filed suit in federal court.

They allege “the university used excessive force to break up the demonstration,” The Sacramento Bee writes. “The Occupy UC Davis students were sprayed as they sat on the ground.”

The American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California is assisting the 19 students and alumni who are suing.

4 charged in B’klyn OWS melee  →

FOUR OCCUPY Wall Street protesters have been charged with inciting a riot after clashing with police when they were tossed out of a vacant Brooklyn luxury building. One of the protesters pepper-sprayed an officer, police said.


my poor buddy ted has lost his mind.

(come on. it’s funny. and he’s a big supporter of #OWS.)


A bloodied protester at Zuccotti Park. More here, which alleges this punishment was for knocking off an officer’s hat (including a shot of cops taking off his pants?!).

[Photo by Chang W. Lee/The New York Times]




Police captain Ray Lewis from Phily protesting w #OccupyWallStreet

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that’s an amazing image.

Yeah, that is an iconic image there.

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Via Comedy Central: Stephen Colbert’s excellent interview with two Wall Street Occupiers — one awesomely named “Ketchup” — who do not bend or break under his questioning… or breakfast sausages.

(Part two is tonight, and how awesome would it be if Stephen really did put his SuperPAC bucks behind OWS?)

I was in the audience last night, and he told us that after the cameras stopped rolling, both of them were all over the breakfast items.” - academiadreams


Stephen Colbert tries to blend in at Occupy Wall Street.