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Here at start of their friendship R. Reagan writes M. Thatcher after 1st private meeting & fall of Saigon 4/30/1975

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"Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit." - President Ronald Reagan

Reagan hologram is real, was planned for RNC debut

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Tomorrow’s “Bloomberg Insider” cover brands Ronald Reagan a “socialist.”

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Activists photographed flipping bird to Reagan portrait at White House

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1940 Census: Ronald Reagan’s $135 Rent, Insights Into Other Famous and Ordinary Americans

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Do you think the millionaire ought to pay more in taxes than the bus driver, or less?” - Ronald Reagan

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"We’re going to close the unproductive tax loopholes that allow some of the truly wealthy to avoid paying their fair share. In theory, some of those loopholes were understandable, but in practice they sometimes made it possible for millionaires to pay nothing, while a bus driver was paying ten percent of his salary, and that’s crazy. […] Do you think the millionaire ought to pay more in taxes than the bus driver or less?" - Ronald Reagan

Reagan Called For An End To ‘Crazy’ Tax Loopholes That Let Millionaires Pay Less Than Bus Drivers - ThinkProgress


If you’re playing some sort of drinking game, you probably took two shots when this Reagan tribute came on.

There you go again… liberal media.


“Will the Democrats take this as a chance to go on offense?  Will national Democrats take a lesson from Wisconsin Democrats?” —Rachel Maddow.

Outstanding coverage of the FAA shutdown and union rights, plus a look back at Reagan’s firing of air traffic controllers.