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Love at first blight: Let’s say you’re a fun-loving young single person, and you use the internet to help set up dates with men or women of your choosing. You might expect a few awkward dates here or there, garnished lovingly with some spam email. What you probably wouldn’t expect, however, is for such an email (from the service OKCupid) to contain this weird, apocalyptic anti-Obama image. The body text conspicuously didn’t mention it, but rather played up the 2012 doomsday paranoia (“We’re screwed. You should be too!”) — so, um, who exactly put this image together, or green-lit it?

Ben & Jerry’s not a fan of porn parodies of their brands


  • i scream Recently, porn producer Caballero Video started hawking an ice-cream themed DVD series, which we’re not going to post here. Sample titles: “Boston Cream Thighs” and “Chocolate Fudge Babes” — both of which sound like Ben & Jerry’s flavors.
  • they scream Not happy about this turn of events, Ben & Jerry’s went to court to get the company to stop using the names. They won a temporary order — and now Caballero has to stop selling the tapes and remove the images from the internet. Good luck with that second one. source

While others celebrate their humanity-affirming selflessness, the Wall Street Journal's James Taranto wonders whether the hero boyfriends made the right call.

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Wall Street Fat Cat watches with perverse delight as Tavis Smiley and Cornel West react to the news from Bill O’Reilly that nobody on Wall Street committed any crimes.

Profound thanks to Matt Langer for the original gif.

Thank GOD. Ever since this caught our attention last night, we’ve been waiting for someone with mad gif skills to come along. The fat cat Photoshop is just bonus.

Spray-On Jesus

-Jesus is in a can
-Jesus is bleeding
-There’s now 20% more Jesus.

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